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Governance Futures Lab: Los Angeles Edition

IFTF approached verynice to bring their governance futures lab to the city of Los Angeles in the form of a day long “civic hackathon.”To start, we recruited 10 individuals from around LA that work within a very diverse array of field including: engineering, game design, design research, public policy, and business management. Our decision to curate a pool [...]

Los Angeles Prototypes

All Prototypes: What’s Obama Eating? | Matt Manos Newsfeed Diagnosis | Sheena Yoon Smart Crowdsourcing In Cities | Aurelia Friedland Building Cities–Google Glass | Matt Manos NGO Governance Platform | Nikole Lim Pinterest For Communities | DeKoven Adopt-A-Classroom | Patrick Atwater City Rotation System | Divya Local Rule Game | Aarti Vashisht

Newsfeed Diagnosis | Sheena Yoon

Often the news that reaches us is curated by our personal network and by a few big media corporations that determine the type of news coverage. We often handpick what we choose to read and may miss out on many critical perspectives. Newsfeed Diagnosis provides a holistic/global context to our personal and network consumption of [...]

Smart Crowdsourcing in Cities | Aurelia Friedland

In 1960, American sociologist William Whyte conducted a landmark planning study of Seagram’s plaza in NYC, a popular icon of modern architecture built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (in collaboration with Philip Johnson). With the help of several cameras, Whyte’s film, Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, showcased how social patterns of use throughout urban spaces can often stray from an architect’s intentions. [...]

NGO governance platform | Nikole Lim

  This is an internal platform to provide people in the developing world with holistic opportunities to achieve their educational + vocational goals by: Leveraging voices and ideas from students in the field Helping NGOs collaborate to eliminate the education gap To eliminate the education gap and introduce a cycle of holistic support:  Students will [...]

Pinterest for Communities | DeKoven

In the future, designers will be able to collaborate with community members in social-media-based ‘public comments’ to improve the development of their communities…but how? Pinterest for Communities: First, community members use interactive maps to find local, community development projects (some brand sponsored). Second, they use social media tools to identify design elements they want to [...]

Adopt-a-Classroom | Patrick Atwater

Adopt-a-Classroom is like Match.com for awesome community based learning opportunities.  This matching platform connects teachers to community members through professional expertise, share intellectuals interests, and general desire to help light the imaginative tinderbrush of the next generation.  The tool solves the foundational information management gaps between teachers and the broader community that currently are mediated generally through [...]

City Rotation System | Divya

LOS ANGELES CITY ROTATION SYSTEM A city rotation system to force collaborative co-habitation between communities of L.A through architecture. At a city level, communities play a very important role in shaping the physical geography of a locality they live and belong to. This often leads to zones within an area which reflects the values of [...]

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