Framework: Dreamstate


In times of conflict, imagination and diversity breed resilience. With imagination, we can actin the best interest of the network, while diversity both enhances and encourages the evolution of the community. These will be key in adapting to a changing society.

Social Inventors

  • Maggie McCaffrey
  • Jordan Greenhall
  • Vernie Oliviero
  • David Hodgson
  • Kristen Berman
  • Bettina Warburg
  • Shirin Ardakani


The best communities have just the right amount of diversity and commonality. We value generative diversity—conflict that breeds imagination. Security is a minimum requirement for humans to interact in a creative community.


  • Diversity is our value.
  • Communities are co-evolving networks
  • The community grows if the network grows
  • Imagination is what enhances the network
  • Our cosmology includes evolution

Human Nature

Human nature is adaptive. Under the right conditions we will act in the best interest of the network. We change conditions and conditions change us.

Political Subject

Our political subject is communities. We see communities as self-organizing entities. Communities are made up of individuals existing in strong relation with one another and the world around them.


Our “territory” challenges the fundamental concept of territory. Rather than focusing on territorial boundaries, we would like to focus on the creative potential of human consciousness.


We want to maximize the resilience and complexity of our networks. Empathy is a measure of this success.


Throughout history, those societies that have been able to be more imaginative have been more resilient and successful. That demands that we put imagination at the heart of the system.

Our current government model is unsustainable. We are faced with unprecedented challenges for which our current government structure has not prepared us. For one, it is based on a concept of stable territory and control that are no longer viable. The current system breaks down our ability to form communities and achieve our higher selves as individuals. Because of the global challenges we face we need to optimize for community resilience. We need radically new ideas to address these problems. To create the ability to remain adaptive, we need a society built around imagination and achieving a higher self. That is a function of the collective imagination/creative capacity.