Framework: Harmonia


We believe the world will be increasingly complex and full of tensions. We would like to harmonize these tensions for a more direct form of democracy. We believe human nature is good, and human identity will become increasingly trionic. We believe rights and obligations exist regardless of political participation, and the role of the State would be to guide evolution.

Social Inventors

  • Clem Bezold
  • Kiran Jain
  • Sanford Levinson
  • Shannon Spanhake
  • Tze Min Soh


We the people, sentient machines, and living systems of the United States, in order to form a more imaginative, diverse, and empathetic union, promote a plurality of viewpoints, participation, and justice for the United States of Harmonia.


Empathy, harmony, justice


Unity in diversity, chaos in complexity.

Human Nature

We are defined by relationships with each other, with living systems and machine enhancements. Humans are malleable and have trionic identity. The role of the state is to guide our evolution.

Political Subject

Humans, sentient beings and machines that are self aware, and living systems.

Metrics for Success

A redefined GDP that includes empathy, wellbeing, and fulfillment.