Framework: New Worlds



We think it’s time to extend our lives to the inner solar system. The key to our framework is evolvability, the ability to continue to adapt and move. If liberty is a primary value, it should extend to all sentient beings.

Social Inventor

  • Jamais Cascio
  • Jim Dator
  • Devin Fidler
  • John Kelly
  • Jim Keravala
  • Chris McCay
  • Jonathan Reichental
  • Wil Yu


Humanity has evolved in context of its interdependence with its environment. It is the nature of life to evolve and grow to the limits available, and humans reflect that tendency. As life inexorably expands off-Earth to the New Worlds of the Solar System, the choices that are made on how that expansion takes place should reflect the values and cosmology that encompass and drives of our human civilization and contribute to the evolution of life, diversity, and richness of the universe.


Evolvability and sentient liberty, with a goal to enhance the richness and diversity of life and the universe.


Humans can be a net good for the universe, there is uncertainty, and it is the nature of life to evolve.

Human Nature

We are naturally social; the human instinct to help each other is more powerful than the human survival instinct; humans are biological and survive within an ecosystem, yet will expand to their territorial limits

Political Subject

Life, including non-biological


Multi-world and inner solar system

Metrics for Success

Degree to which life can evolve, and the presence of diversity and richness