Framework: Ubuntu



Ubuntu means, “I am because we are”. We believe in a system that values all life as the core organizing principle. Humans are capable of biophilia, relating to all of life. The territory to be governed is a self-defining ecosystem, defined as relationships that connect everything within the ecosystem develop. We believe in subsidiarity and self-organization, and thus measure success based on the number of large institutions without central controls. We are motivated to internalize the externalities of today’s society, such as climate change. However, the prospect of this framework creating other externalities needs further thought.

Social Inventors

  • Tanja Aitamurito
  • Tom Atlee
  • Barbara Heinzen
  • Ken Karakotsios
  • Helene Landemore
  • Zhan Li
  • Micah Sifry


Cognizant of the interdependence of all life; Desiring to support its abundance and diversity; Seeking more conscious self=organization of human activity; Recognizing that the whole must support the well-being of each part, and each part must support the well-being of the whole; Accepting human responsibility to maintain the integrity of the whole; And in humble recognition of human fallability; We hereby declare that all ecosystems, species, and humans, have political and moral standing in our governance.


Interdependence, diversity and abundance of life, humility, sustainable support for self-organized evolution at all scales


The universe is holonic; the purpose of the whole is to support the wellbeing of the part, and the purpose of the part is to support the wellbeing of the whole.

Human Nature

Humans are capable of seeing and sensing themselves as part of the whole; they have a natural consilience and biophilia; humans are highly flexible and can respond creatively to their environments

Political Subject

All of life


Territories are self-defining, guided by the principle of subsidiarity (functions should be addressed at the lowest level at which they function). The territory to be governed is the ecosystem, including the relationships that connect everything within the ecosystem.

Metrics for Success

The number of large-scale structures without central controls