Framework: Complexity


We must learn to expect the unexpected. We can build resilience through failure and experimentation, but to do so we must accept our shortcomings. The complex and unpredictable nature of the universe drives us to live as networked people in service of the world, and through those networks we can enrich our surroundings and those of future generations.

Social Inventor

  • Richard Lum
  • Aaron Maniam
  • Jim Rutt
  • Alissa Black
  • Bruce Tonn
  • Noah Rafford
  • Rod Falcon
  • Alessandro Voto


In service of the systems, we are resilient, experimental, and tentative; tolerance for honorable failure; pluralism


Thinking beyond Newtonianism toward more complex systems thinking; taking into account interactionism, relationism, and the possibility of unintended consequences and extreme events which are more likely than we think.

Human Nature

Human beings have an intrinsic need for belongingness, love, and achievement. Different cultures will manifest these needs in different ways. In addition, we are not as rational as we think we are.

Political Subject

The political subject emerges from the process of defining the relationship between networked people and natural systems.


Governance is at the level of the network. The boundaries of any network can vary and overlap, and are not necessarily physical. They can include bioregion and affinity.


Lower volatility, maintaining options, and rapid reaction.


We believe that the world is complex and interactive, full of surprises and unintended consequences. We humbly acknowledge that we’re not as rational as we think we are. We understand ourselves as networked people in service of the systems in which we live. Therefore we create this government in pursuit of resilience, experimentation, pluralism, and tolerance for honorable failure, so as to bestow to our posterity a world as rich, or richer than our own.